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Sprint Logistics comes out with BOLT image

Sprint Logistics comes out with BOLT

BOLT is a marketing logistics and distribution platform built by Sprint Logistics. Replacing its original module called AIMS, BOLT provides total control, visibility, and transparency to marketeers as well as up-to-second access to local field reps. The system which can be accessed via a simple smartphone or a laptop/tablet browser allows both field users and central product managers complete visibility to review, order, replenish, personalise, quarantine, alert and distribute marketing materials across the UK and internationally.

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Sprint's exciting new Project image

Sprint’s exciting new Project….

Sprint Logistics has enjoyed a long tradition of working closely with the interior design world both to assist in the execution of logistics projects and in the general shipping of exclusive brand furnishings around the world. Recently this has seen Sprint spearhead logistics and shipping support for one of the world’s most exclusive interior design organisations who were commissioned to provide mansion refurbishment in the Middle East. This three-month project sees Sprint provide specialist logistics support including specialist handling and packing, temperature controlled export of goods combined with full “white glove” service for overseas delivery.

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