Our handling of health samples capabilities (UN3373)


More than 150 drive-through and mobile testing sites have been set up all around the UK to reach the government’s target capacity for 200,000 tests per day. The collection of quality samples and their safe delivery to the laboratories is essential to this testing strategy.

Sprint Logistics offers an extensive range of sample packaging components and complete sample transport kits, such as the RF95-LL1 kit which includes absorbent, 95kPa pouch, security seal, and the rigid outer box with regulatory markings.

Sprint Logistics work with:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Gut samples
  • STI testing DNA testing

Due to the restrictions of how the samples are handled. Sprint Logistics understands the specific packaging requirements that are needed to be followed. We would have the kit boxes and batch in low quantities. The kits include:

  • The outer box, instructions
  • Secondary package
  • The primary package (the actual testing equipment).

Sprint Logistics range of UN3373 Medical Sample Carriers is suitable for transporting large numbers of samples and a popular choice with medical couriers and for hospital transport as well as the carriers that we have in place to be transported to wherever the labs are (EU or UK).

Testing kits will be sent out to the customer. Once the customer has finished with the kit, we would automatically send out a return label with the UN3373 label. Both labels will be stuck onto the outer kit box and then sealed. Once sealed, the customer would then post the test kit (through post box/office) back to us which we will send to the labs. We then ship the test kits with care to the lab, whether in the UK or Europe. Lastly, the customer would then wait to receive their results.

Specimen bags can also be provided to Sprint Logistics upon request.