Cosmetic treatment company


About the client

This client is responsible for cosmetic treatments. There are many reasons why people may consider non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Individuals may want a more youthful appearance or change a feature they may have not liked. Our client provides worldwide service and products with their focus mainly in the UK and Europe. Our client is an innovative aesthetics company committed to their customer’s overall health and well-being.

Our client required an effective solution in order to place and ship their orders of aesthetics. We create bespoke packaging for the orders they require, to then be distributed across the world. We have simplified the process for them with a cost-effective strategy and simplified solution.

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Using Sprint’s innovative online order system, along with our domestic and international courier network and warehouse facilities, we were able to provide our client with the flexibility to serve its customers throughout the UK and internationally. 


By collaborating with Sprint our client was able to achieve the following benefits due to flexible cost-effective business solutions. A reliable partner that can serve their client base with products and stock 24/7. With the benefit of the online order platform, it means that any global time differences are no longer an issue and all orders are received and actioned quickly and efficiently.