Our people strive to make us famous for outstanding speed, reliability, professionalism and friendliness

Our senior team has over 100 years of combined experience in our service areas which gives us deeper insights into customer needs and enhances our relationships with all our stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that they have the best possible environment in which to work and develop. We are committed to our peoples’ professional and personal development and to simply ensuring that Sprint Logistics is a great place to work. 


Meet the team

Aizad bio pic

Aizad Hussain


Over the past 13 years, Aizad has been busy broadening the service mix following the advent of ecommerce and the changing logistics landscape.  Aizad has been juggling the roles of internal and external strategy, client sponsorship and product strategy on a continual basis, including the on-boarding Sprint Freight (formally known as Cargocall).

Originally a document based express courier business, a great degree of innovation and development have underpinned the business as it has expanded into warehousing, stock distributions, fulfilment, mailings, kitting, ecommerce logistics and laterally freight services. 

The company believes in a strong customer-centric culture and prides itself on flexibility and close to attention to customer needs and market trends. Presently he is leading the charge to create a brand new IT-platform that is fit for the fast-paced, cloud-and app-based world that we live in. 

Separately to Sprint, Aizad is co-Founder and Trustee of the Ar-Rahman Primary School and is Treasurer of the Acton Mosque in West London which serves approximately 1,000 attendees. 

An avid Liverpool football fan, but never known to wear bright red to work.

Mark bio pic

Mark Smith


After his degree, Mark spent a couple of years training to be an Accountant. He then moved into the Logistics and Fulfilment industry where he has spent his career.

He has occupied most roles within the industry from Account Director, Operations Director, Company Secretary to Sales and Marketing Director. Mark joined Sprint Logistics in 2012 and has used his keen eye for service to build relationships with all Clients and has helped them to provide a professional cost-effective service for their customers and clients.

Mark is heavily involved in strategic partnerships and discussions with existing and new clients. A little known fact about Mark is that he is a triple World (Veterans) champion in rowing before he had to hang up his oars due to work commitments.

Nic Price, Head of Logistics Services

Nic Price

Business Development Manager 

Nic Price, spent 20 years in the finance and leasing industry as National Sales Manager predominantly for a company called Dana Commercial Credit. Nic developed leasing programmes for large corporate organizations that focused on the Telecoms and IT marketplace. 

In 2010 Nic changed his career direction and joined the Sprint Logistics sales team. He focuses on customer acquisition, development, and retention. 

Most of his customers have specific requirements so tailoring programmes to meet their needs is his specialism. 

alison snippet

Alison Rocks

Business Development Manager 

Alison brings a wealth of experience from her background in the health and beauty as well as newspaper advertising industries before joining Sprint Logistics.

Since becoming a part of the team in 2011, she has played a pivotal role in managing key accounts and contributing significantly to the Business Development team. Known for her love of challenges, Alison thrives as an outside-the-box thinker, adept at crafting bespoke solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Her tenure with Sprint has seen her successfully support high-end beauty, fashion, and retail clients, as well as expand the company’s reach to include a growing overseas portfolio seeking UK solutions. Outside of the professional arena, Alison finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends.

An enthusiast of martial arts since the age of 12, she dedicates herself to training in karate and MMA, embodying discipline and perseverance both inside and outside of work.

james snippet

James Wolfenden

Business Development Manager 

James has spent 13 years in the courier and logistics industry. During this time, he has obtained a tremendous amount of knowledge. James joined the global express courier industry in January 2008 and worked primarily with blue-chip corporate businesses focused on the city of London and Canary Wharf.

In January 2011, Sprint Logistics purchased the courier company that James was employed by and then was tupe’d over. In 2012, James took on the duties of overseeing the global courier sales team of 12 executives. In 2019, James moved to the Sprint Logistics’ eCommerce division to assist with the development of the fast-growing part of the business. Before working at Sprint Logistics, James spent his earlier career as a professional traveling chef.

Over this period, he worked and traveled in over 50 countries and has acquired great experience/knowledge about the culinary world. He now uses this knowledge and skill as one of his favourite hobbies, cooking for others.


Shaka Miller

Business Development Manager 

Prior to Sprint, Shaka worked within E-commerce fulfilment providing bespoke solutions within the fashion, supplement and beauty industry. Pre 2020, He served over a decade as an independent B2B sales broker in the construction industry for supplies and services to contractors and realtors.

In 2009 he led his first business development project for a listing provider for services in the Caribbean and led to gaining other contracts to replicate his plans. Over the years, he built a reputation as one who possesses the knowledge for implementing sales processes and customer journey working closely with start-ups and SMEs.

Though data driven, he would tap into his intuition to make decisions. His interests in community outreach led to travel with the YMCA on a peace campaign to raise awareness to social issues affecting youth. However, he now takes a more direct approach by providing anonymous aid in counselling through partners and arranging donations.

As a Father and husband, he takes pride in spending quality time with family and loved ones. In addition, Shaka enjoys pottery, the outdoors, DIY projects, the arts and making music.

Simon Pic

Simon Hicks

Commercial Manager (Sprint Freight) 

Simon has been in the logistics industry for around 25 years. Before joining the Sprint Logistics Freight team, Sprint Freight (formally known as Cargo Call), he was the operations manager for a logistics company who were heavily involved in the motorsport industry, (F1 and WRC), Simon’s role was to oversee the complete logistics to the circuits for the cars and parts for some of the main teams.

Simon then soon after joined Sprint Logistics (Sprint Freight) team. Simon has been with Sprint Freight for 2 years and is mainly involved in all aspects of the aerospace industry, ranging from aircraft landing gears. This is currently one of Simon’s many roles as the Commercial Manager for Sprint Freight.

He is an avid Chelsea supporter and enjoys spending time with his daughter. One of many things he loves doing is taking his daughter to Stamford Bridge. He also enjoys travelling overseas.

Website Bio Pic Edited

Halyna Melenyuk

business development manager (Sprint Freight) 

Halyna, comes from a strong background in the transport and logistics industry. Halyna’s career path started in various operational roles. Her practical involvement in the intricate details of the field provided her with priceless understanding into the complexities of freight management.

Recognizing the need for innovation and excellence in the logistics sector, Halyna transitioned into business development.  Here, she found her true calling – connecting businesses with the logistics solutions they need to thrive. Her ability to identify and implement strategies that drive success makes her an invaluable asset to any company.

Halyna firmly believes that logistics and international movements lie at the heart of most businesses today. Also her strong conviction lies in the importance of prioritizing the customer and fostering effective communication are fundamental factors in providing exceptional freight services.

In addition to her logistics expertise, Halyna fluently speaks English, Polish, and Ukrainian.