Sprint Logistics offers IOR (Import Of Records)

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Sprint Logistics is happy to announce that we now offer IOR (Import Of Record)

Import Of Record refers to an importer (individual/entity) who is responsible for ensuring that goods are legally imported following the laws and regulations of the importing country.

Via our broker, the Importer Of Record is responsible for filing legally required documentation and paying the relevant taxes and duties on the imported goods.

The importer of record is responsible for all supporting documentation that goes along with an import. This can include import and export licenses, permits, local rules and regulations paperwork, and more. Along with documentation, the IOR typically handles the payment of duties, taxes, tariffs, and fees, all of which require additional paperwork and forms to be filled out.

Sprint Logistics Can offer IOR services via our broker for importing goods into the UK from overseas. This means our clients can get their goods clear from our UK based customs broker without the need of a physical business intertie within the UK. 

This means our clients can get their goods sent to the EU without you having a business intertie within the EU. This is due to our warehouse partner in the Netherlands. To learn more about our warehouse in the Netherlands and the services we offer, please click here.

The benefit of this for you is that Sprint Logistics’ would allow for a smoother and quicker customs clearance of your goods from outside to EU to the EU via the IOR service through the Netherlands. The benefit to this is that once the goods are in the Netherlands, there are no taxes and duties for D2C (direct to consumer) consignments.

For more information on IOR or the rates, please feel free to contact your Account manager or please feel free to message us on our website, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.