Sprint Logistics launches services in Europe

European flag palace

Many UK businesses have been plunged into turmoil by the UK’s recent departure from the EU, with exports to the continent suffering due to delays at ports and increased shipping costs, as well as the sudden addition of VAT, customs duties and surcharges tariffs on shipments sent from the UK to customers within the EU. Sprint Logistics is now pleased to announce that we have commenced operations within the EU. 

Our operations are based in the Netherlands very close to the key transport routes across Europe.  The 65,000 square ft warehouse and operations are managed by the same warehouse management systems (WMS), so for our clients, it will be a case of a single interface and a UK based management team. This new structure ensures smooth operations across the UK & EU. The aim of this geographic warehouse strategy is to make shipping as fluid and effective as it was prior to Brexit.  Our services are available to our D2C, B2B, and B2C clients. 

We expect this service will improve transit times and also reduce overall shipping costs.  The investment in the expansion of EU operations can allow eCommerce retailers to implement their trading more effectively. This benefits customers generally in several ways:

  • EU buyers/consignees will have their goods dispatched from our Netherlands facility. The benefit of this is that customers save on courier costs.
  • Reduced transit times. No customs clearance requirements. Therefore, vastly reduced paperwork time (commercial invoices, etc.). As a result, this allows goods to arrive at your customer’s door sooner rather than later.
  • No taxes and duties to be paid by consignees. therfore, no unhappy customers with unexpecticed tax and dutiy charges on delivery.
  • much better customer experience for your consumers. EU consumers will have more confidence in purhcasing knowing they are dispatched from the EU.

We hope this gives our clients the best of both worlds by having our UK and Netherlands warehouses under a single WMS interface. This new workflow strategy will be in line with our processes and represents a significant extension of Sprint Logistics’ EU footprint. This will allow us to continue to provide the best fulfilment service to meet the very high expectations from our clients that is expected here at Sprint Logistics.

If you would like to learn more about Sprint Logistics’ new European fulfilment centre and service, please feel free to contact us.