HGV Emergency Surcharge


There has been a much-publicised shortage of HGV and freight drivers in the press recently. A combination of COVID-19 regulations and skilled labour shortages has led to delays in issuing HGV driving licenses which is causing rates to rise from all our suppliers.

We have seen increases in supplier costs across our core services, logistics, packaging, and labour. Over the past year, we have absorbed most of these, however, we must regretfully pass some of these increases to our customers.

It is important to note that the changes to our UK overnight traffic will incur an HGV surcharge of £0.17 per consignment. This will be taking place from 1st November 2021. Furthermore, our suppliers have informed us of a surcharge on the pallet services they provide, and we need to pass this on to the customers that use these services. Please speak to your account manager should you have any queries.  

We at Sprint Logistics greatly appreciate your business and look forward to servicing all your logistical needs.