Why complete supply chain visibility is essential for e-commerce retailers

Why complete supply chain visibility is vital to e-commerce success.
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A key part of effective supply chain management (SCM) is ensuring total visibility across your supply chain. Clear supply chain visibility empowers manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to streamline processes, reduce costs and eradicate any inefficiencies, wherever they may appear.

Modern businesses rely on extensive and often multi-layered networks of suppliers, trading partners and customers, resulting in complex supply chains incorporating vast amounts of information from a range of sources. In an omnichannel world, supply chains are no longer a linear process. Effectively managing your networks, and therefore visibility, is essential for replacing inventory.

With many organisations reporting as little as 20% visibility into their supply chains, it’s no surprise that 84% of Chief Supply Chain Officers identify supply chain visibility as their biggest hurdle (Sana-Commerce).

Supply chain visibility and e-commerce

For e-commerce retailers, effective supply chain management is crucial. Optimising processes, from improving communications with manufacturers to forecasting demand levels, can impact your entire e-commerce strategy. A well-managed supply chain and clear, accurate data enables you to offer your customers a better service (through improved transparency and contact) whilst also cutting costs for your business and boosting revenue.

Visibility is more important than ever for your customers; today’s online shoppers want reliable updates and tracking services that allow them a clear view of delivery stages, transit method and the condition of their product, with the option to amend and alter their delivery as required. Providing these services is guaranteed to build customer trust and ensure shoppers return to your store again and again.

Sprint Logistics: e-commerce logistics solutions and fulfilment

From our pick and pack warehouse to our delivery and courier services, Sprint Logistics’ e-commerce solutions are tailored to your business needs and designed to give you total control over your e-commerce logistics.  Our services integrate with leading marketplaces and platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, ebay and Magento, to ensure fast, efficient and reliable delivery, as well as outstanding service, for you and your customers.

By managing freight planning, kitting, stock management, shipping and more, our e-commerce logistics solutions integrate seamlessly into your retail supply chain. Our expert team is on hand to help you improve every link of your supply chain, while our logistics services support you from order to distribution and returns. 

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