Our online system lets you order what you want, and send it when and where you want.

AIMS is our international logistics management platform, offering online stock control and personalised ordering to give you complete control - in just one click.

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Remote Control

Remote control

AIMS offers clear item codes and displays actual product images for complete clarity over your logistics operations, whilst also enabling you to create product sets and monitor stock levels. Materials can have expiry dates and decisions that are more effective can be made around unused stock, with automated pre-alerts to enable faster stock replenishment and a fast, reliable international logistics service you can count on.


Online 24/7 secure access

Instant stock checks

Automatic re-orders

Stock level monitoring

Manual ordering and telephone support

Stock usage reports

Product set creation

Multi-user, multi-level control


Shipping Tools

Inventory Management

Stock Control

Order Management

Reporting Features

Online Stock Control

You are empowered to:

  • Remove uncertainty and duplication from ordering
  • Reduce administration time
  • Improve your audit trail for cost control and compliance
  • Enjoy full disaster recovery protection ensuring that even in worst-case scenarios, your ability to remotely control and manage your stock will not be compromised.

Find out how we can put all these features to work for you.

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