How to scale your e-commerce business successfully

Solid strategies are important to every aspect of business. When you're scaling up an e-commerce business, it's something that you simply can't do without.
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Scaling a successful e-commerce business can seem overwhelming, whether you’re growing from a single web store or increasing your sales volume on multiple platforms. Before you can scale up your business, it’s essential you have a strategy in place to ensure you can sustain growth without experiencing any holdups that could impact your service.

Understand your customer’s journey

Whatever you’re selling, knowing what your target audience wants and how consumers reach your business is key. Different platforms, such as social media, PPC advertising and marketplaces, attract different customers; to compel them to click through to your ecommerce site, you need to know your customers, understand their journey and adapt your sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

Implement effective marketing

If you’re ready to scale up your e-commerce business, people are clearly buying and enjoying your products. However, you can’t rely on word-of-mouth advertising forever. An effective marketing strategy will sustain the momentum you’ve worked hard to develop, so research how to reach your existing customers to retain them, whilst also grabbing new ones. A strong SEO strategy, social media marketing and other incentives such as vouchers and discounts via direct mail marketing are all great ways to do this.

Provide best-in-class customer service

For growing numbers of customers, the quality of your customer service needs to scale up, too. Problems are unavoidable, whether it’s external events slowing up your delivery or employee sickness leaving you short-staffed; what’s essential is being able to resolve customer complaints effectively and efficiently. Taking care of your customers and ensuring every dealing they have with you is positive should be your number one priority.

Outsource your fulfilment

As your ecommerce business grows, you’ll need to save time on administrative and manual tasks to ensure you can focus on more important areas of your business. Using a fulfilment centre, relying on experts to pick and pack for you and offering delivery in one seamless service are great ways to free up your time.

An end-to-end logistics service enables you to save money on shipping costs, as fulfilment and distribution are taken care of. The right logistics service can pack boxes, print labels and get parcels to where they need to be on time, so you can concentrate on growth without worrying about warehousing, storage and stock levels as it’s all in hand.

Sprint Logistics

Sprint Logistics offers worldwide delivery solutions as well as storage, fulfilment, distribution and more. Sprint uses the latest technology to keep you abreast of stock levels wherever you are, so you can reorder items as needed and never over-order on slow-moving stock.

Sprint Logistics’ ecommerce logistics services utilises our international network of warehouses, forward stocking locations and delivery services to ensure you and your customers enjoy the very best service. 

Whether you need support with online stock control or a delivery and distributions solution that supports your ecommerce business growth, Sprint Logistics can help you. Contact us today to find out how.