How to Use Direct Mail to Increase Online Traffic

How to Use Direct Mail to Increase Online Traffic

Direct mail may be one of the oldest forms of advertising but, amazingly, it’s still showing signs of growth. Recently, the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report found that the direct mail response rate for homes has almost doubled since 2017. 

When you consider how competitive digital campaigns are and how it’s more expensive than ever to stand out online, it’s no surprise that traditional direct mail is enjoying a resurgence. As Econsultancy states: ‘A growing number of direct-to-consumer brands are turning to direct mail because they’re hitting the limits of what digital can deliver.’ 

Smart companies are designing their on- and offline strategies to feed into each other, setting up direct mail marketing to boost their online traffic. Follow these tips and find out how you can too. 

Make an irresistible offer 

You need to entice people to visit your website in the first instance. Always start with your brand message, as this is what differentiates you from the rest of the field. Decide what it is you are wanting to say about your company, then find ways to communicate this through your direct mail design. It should be eye-catching, creative and unique. 

It’s a good idea to include an irresistible incentive. If you distribute direct mail with a special promotion attached that can only be redeemed online, a spike in website traffic will be inevitable. It’s a very powerful way to gain new customers who may not normally respond to direct mail – after all, everyone loves a freebie. 

You can create a further twist by working in a time limit to your special offer. Urgency is a great marketing tool; the shorter the time limit, the more effective your campaign will be. Insist your customers should visit your website ASAP before the special offer runs out. 

Ensuring easy access 

You need to ensure that customers can actually reach your website after receiving your mail. This means including a simple URL for your website – it should be short, readable and easy to type (since this is what the customer will do after seeing it in print). If you would like to point them to a specific webpage with a longer address, rather than your homepage, then you can use a free tool like TinyURL to shorten the URL for you. 

We advise designing a landing page for your direct mail campaign. It’s a good idea for your customer journey since homepages are often crowded and the visitor may be confused as to where they can access the offer. A dedicated landing page will also help you keep track of responses and determine how much new traffic is down to your direct mail. 

Consider using subdomains for consistency; for example, if your main site is, a subdomain for your mail campaign could be  

Empathise with your audience 

Perhaps the most important aspect of your direct mail is your call to action since without it you’ll gain no additional traffic. Make it very clear what you want them to do next – whether that’s to learn more information about a product or service, or to take advantage of a discount or sale. 

One reliable call to action for direct mail campaigns aimed at increasing website traffic is the email signup. This could be a monthly e-newsletter to receive exclusive offers, company news and industry trends. Or it could be a free email series with exclusive tips to improve their business. There are plenty of techniques to tempt new customers to your website; however, the most important thing is to empathise with them: what would make you visit a new website? 

Sprint Logistics is an international logistics and mailing services company. We understand the importance of direct mail in your marketing strategy, which is why we have the experts, facilities and technology to cover every mailing and fulfilment need. From high-volume fulfilment to simple mass mailing, we will ensure your campaign is a complete success. 

If you have any questions about preparing a direct mail campaign, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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