Why direct mail marketing is making a comeback

In a digital world, physical objects can cut through the noise.
Person putting mails in a mailbox

Despite the rise of digital communications in the last decade, direct mail hasn’t become obsolete. Much like how the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle device didn’t lower demand for paper books, the continued success of direct mail marketing shows just how important physical, tactile objects are to people – and advertising is no different.

A human touch

Personalising digital communications, either through cookies or tracking to encourage new and existing customers through the sales funnel, can be effective. With so many emails and digital adverts seen every day, however, direct mail has a unique ability to cut through the noise.

Many consumers find direct mail to be highly personal, as a company has spent time designing, printing and posting their mailing to them. It’s no wonder direct mail enjoys open rates as high as 90%, compared to just 20-30% for emails.

Design for success

While different email templates and attention-grabbing ads can be engaging, they often end up in the recipient’s junk folder. Direct mail offers an opportunity for marketers to really excite their audience, whether through engaging oversize letters, playful inclusions such as games or branded goods or even discount codes that encourage the recipient to visit your company’s website. Plus, direct mail hangs around; research shows recipients often hold onto direct mail marketing or catalogues to look at later, giving it a far longer shelf-life than digital communications.

Timing and targeting

Direct mail can be as highly-targeted and automated as digital. Using research to send well-crafted mailings that are relevant and useful to your audience can offer an ROI as high as 9%, and timing is just as important. You wouldn’t send an e-newsletter on a Friday evening; the right distribution service will ensure your mailings arrive at the best possible times for the highest engagement.

Go multi-channel for full impact

Digital and physical mailings aren’t mutually exclusive, in fact, they complement each other. Even digital giants like Amazon and Google utilise direct mail. Direct mail is a great way to direct customers to your website, while consumers who have seen social media posts of a brand are more likely to recognise that company and open their direct marketing materials.

Sprint Logistics: Direct marketing

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