What does ‘green logistics’ look like in practice?

With increasing numbers of companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and end customers’ growing demand for environmentally-friendly business practices, sustainable logistics methods are more important than ever.
Aerial view of a delivery truck on a road through a forest

From freight transport and storage to inventory management and last-mile delivery, logistics can easily incur a high environmental cost. Reducing air and noise pollution, land use, waste and improving efficiency are all ways logistics companies can work towards minimising the damage of climate change.

Benefits of going green

Green logistics, and finding energy-efficient alternatives to traditional logistics, offers various benefits. By increasing the rate of innovation and digital transformation, many businesses will find green logistics reduces overheads and operating costs, as well as differentiating them from the competition and attracting top candidates.

Eliminating your reliance on fuel as oil prices continue to rise is just one immediate cost-saving that results from green logistics; other benefits include reduced IT costs from switching to low power-consuming, recycling and minimising wastage, qualifying for government subsidies and streamlining transport routes and processes.

What is green logistics?

Green logistics simply means minimising potential damage to the environment due to the logistics. Examples of green logistics include switching to electric vehicles for transport, utilising forward stocking locations to reduce last-mile freight distances and cutting down reliance on air freight.

For improving operational efficiency, packaging is a significant source of wastage for many logistics services. Ensuring boxes are appropriately sized minimises waste, while opting for reusable and sustainable packaging materials can boost efficiency and cut costs across the supply chain, whilst also reducing environmental impact.

Reverse logistics is a way of reducing returns and end-user problems; offering solutions such as reselling, refurbishing and remanufacturing items that are returned by customers encourage recycling whilst also boosting customer loyalty. Similarly, providing digital tools can help customers be sure they’re making the right purchase before shipping.

Sprint Logistics green services

Sprint Logistics has over two decades of experience in stock management, warehousing, freight and more, utilising the latest technology and our own expertise to ensure our London-based logistics services support your operations.

We’re committed to finding the most environmentally-friendly logistics solutions for your business, so that the thousands of parcels we ship every day are as efficient, cost-effective and carbon neutral as possible.

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