The benefits of digital stock control

Managing inventory as your online business grows, whilst also juggling customer care, forecasting and more, can be a real challenge.
Man doing inventory in a storage facility

Manually adjusting stock levels on every e-commerce platform you’re present on, or logging in and out of various sales channels to list products and process orders, quickly becomes time-consuming.

The time that you’re investing in these manual tasks is valuable time – that could be better spent growing your business. It also means an increase in the risk of human error, leading to poor customer service. That’s why more and more online businesses are discovering the benefits of using technology to manage stock.

Greater flexibility

As supply and demand fluctuate throughout the year, your stock management process needs to be agile to accommodate seasonal changes and prevent over- or under-ordering. Stock shortages can slow up your business and make you lose money through slow-moving stock or lost sales.

Automating your stock control processes using digital stock control methods or software makes it easy to plan around forecasted sales, using historic data to predict demand and quickly updating stock levels to ensure reordering is timely, whilst also preventing surplus stock.

Minimise human error

When selling across multiple e-commerce channels, overselling products is an easy mistake for online sellers to make. Without full control of your stock levels, your business will struggle to grow and some marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, now penalize e-retailers who oversell.

A digital stock control system synchronises your orders and inventories across online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms in real time, ensuring your stock levels are always up to date and eliminating any risk of overselling.

Save money

From inventory costs associated with human error to stock levels not matching the inventory ordered, inaccurate stock control processes can be costly as well as time-consuming, and lead to mistakes which incur further costs.

Utilising online stock control software guarantees that even busy warehouses have accurate stocktakes by quickly identifying if the correct stock has been delivered. Plus, digital stock control systems frees up staff time with barcode scanning and inventory management software; instead of manually checking and listing products, employees can focus their energy elsewhere.

Sprint Logistics online stock control

Sprint Logistics personalised ordering and online stock control system enables you to order your products and send them to any location quickly and easily.

AIMS, our international logistics management platforms, gives you a complete overview of your stock control, digitally. With clear item codes, product images to easily see items and pre-alerts for stock replenishment, our online stock control services make monitoring stock levels simple.

Whether you’re monitoring expiry dates for items with a short shelf-life or looking to free up staff time from admin tasks, Sprint Logistics digital solutions take care of every step of the logistics process, so you can focus on growing your business.

Contact us today to see how our online stock control solutions and logistics services can benefit your business.

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