Moving the World

The global freight forwarding market is flourishing rapidly. This, of course, is fuelled by the ever-expanding globalisation of business. More than ever before, businesses large and small are trading across international borders eased by e-commerce platforms.
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The global freight forwarding market is flourishing rapidly: sea freight forwarding, for example, is predicted to grow by a huge £8.5 billion by 2025. In their Logistics Report 2019, the Freight Transport Association noted that rail, road and sea freight activity continues to experience positive year-on-year growth. This, of course, is fuelled by the ever-expanding globalisation of business. More than ever before, businesses large and small are trading across international borders eased by e-commerce platforms and increasingly sophisticated ways to promote the products and services sold. 

If you are involved in import or export, you’ll know the value of exceptional freight forwarders like Sprint Logistics as they assist and support your activities. Here within the Sprint Logistics forwarding team, we identify the most economical and efficient way of moving your cargo from origin to destination. 

It’s evident that more and more companies around the world now integrate their freight forwarders within their business systems, and for good reason. We’ll explain the benefits of partnering with innovative, forward-thinking companies like ours. 

Safeguard your business 

One of the key benefits of integrating a company like ours more deeply into your business is to bring expertise on board to help protect your business and its supply chain. We handle all the required documentation for shipping cargo, along with goods insurance and customs clearance. If the correct paperwork is missing or incorrect, cargo will not be released from customs resulting in lost production, delayed orders, possible customer complaints or financial penalties. Every country is different – some are stricter than others, some more bureaucratic – and we see it as part of our job to make sure the detail is taken care of. Whether it is a product sold as an export or purchased as an import, both require processes for customs formalities and adherence to carriage procedures to be exact in order to ensure deadlines are met. This we do with professional alacrity. 

Save time and money 

When organisations make their own arrangements for international transportation, believing they can save on costs, they often underestimate how much work is involved. Business leaders who are not experienced in making import-export arrangements inevitably find the process laborious, time-consuming and expensive. Some companies choose to employ specialist staff to manage the process, but we can save that expense by being your logistics department through partnership contracts. 

Because we specialise in dealing with overseas distribution companies on a daily basis, we are able to achieve economies of scale. We have international handling agents acting on our behalf; these are specialists in their own country who have knowledge of local procedures, language and cultural barriers – ensuring that no issues frustrate your business processes. 

Furthermore, we have spent many years developing good relations with carriers, ensuring quality of service through robust auditing. Additionally, we keep on top of trending industry issues that you may not have necessarily considered, such as reducing emissions and improving environmental performance

In short, using the skills, knowledge and experience of an expert like Sprint Logistics will free up your time so you can concentrate on other areas of your business and devote yourself to growing your company. 

New technology 

The logistics industry is advancing at an unprecedented pace and keeping up with these developments is our business – something we manage on behalf of our fast-growing customer base. We invest and innovate in technology to ensure our business can deliver sophistication to companies which function in the arena of international trade. Our recent investment in e-logistics cloud-based management software places us on the frontline in logistics innovation and support functions. 

The advice here is to leave it to the experts like us. Being deeply involved in import-export every day, we have the technology, insider commercial knowledge and up-to-date skills to guarantee the safe and reliable shipment of your goods. 

Sprint Logistics provides a complete supply chain solution via air, sea and road freight transport systems. We manage the detail and communication in your supply chain together with the physical shipping process to ensure products are delivered on time, in perfect condition and within budget across all international borders. 

To discuss how Sprint Logistics can help you with your importing and exporting activities, simply contact us today.