How to optimise stock delivery for online food services

Online food services are growing in popularity, but retailers face a real challenge to ensure customer experiences meet expectations. Here's how to get your food delivery service right.
man handing over grocery bag to woman

The increasing popularity of online food services, with 47% of internet users recently purchasing groceries online, presents new challenges for businesses needing to stay on top of perishable goods, delivering fresh produce and minimising waste. 

Customers expect a premium service, too: 59% of those who buy groceries online would change brands if the store didn’t meet expectations in terms of dispatch and delivery. How can online food services optimise stock delivery for the best customer experience? 

Visibility is key

Delivering fresh produce is essential for fresh meal kits and quality groceries, but adds another layer of complexity as items can spoil quickly. Simply ordering more stock isn’t a solution, as carrying too much inventory can negatively impact your margins.

Balancing your inventory with meeting demand from multiple channels is key, and achieving that balance requires total visibility of stock levels as well as the ability to anticipate a rise in orders or seasonal changes to the items in demand.

Modern technology enables online food services to monitor stock levels in real time, using tools to scan new shipments and adjusting inventories when items are damaged, spoiled or sold. Moving away from manual ordering is more effective and efficient, whilst also freeing up staff time to focus on more important tasks.

Flexible delivery

Being able to deliver goods at a time and place that suits the customer is now more important than ever before. With the range of delivery options available, from collection points to locker delivery and specified time slots, offering a service that works for your customers guarantees shoppers will return to your service.

Choice and convenience are at the heart of successful online food services; you need a logistics provider that can transport your products quickly and carefully, whilst also offering you supply chain visibility and support at every stage.

Sprint Logistics: the food delivery experts

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