How forward stock location can give your business a competitive edge

What is a forward stock location? And what are the benefits to retailers and e-commerce businesses?
Big warehouse facility full of inventories

A Forward Stocking Location, or FSL, is a smaller warehouse used to hold stock, usually store inventory and spare parts, closer to the end customers that need it. Sending shipments to the “forward” location reduces transportation cost and boosts efficiency, as items are sorted and nearer where they need to be. 

What are the benefits of a forward stock location?

Decentralising your distribution with a strategically-placed forward stock location reduces your transit time from days to hours, so you can enjoy significant cost savings whilst simultaneously improving customer service. A well-placed FSL enables more cost-effective delivery options locally, rather than relying on express services (usually by air), and the location of your FSL can open up new geographic markets for your business to expand into.

Managed correctly, forward stock locations make your business more responsive and more efficient. Particularly for companies operating internationally, having the right items on hand means, for example, a replacement part can reach the customer far quicker from an FSL than from the main warehouse.

If your customers rely on fast deliveries for their own bottom line, an FSL makes it possible for you to maximise your productivity and response times, wherever your business is centrally located. Combining the right warehouse location and appropriate levels of stock 

While larger companies may use hundreds of forward stock locations to provide local space for inventory, smaller companies can enjoy the benefits of an FSL for a lower cost by sharing warehouse space from a third-party provider.

Get the edge on your competitors with Sprint Logistics

From improved pick-to-ship cycle times to simply reducing cost and improving customer experience, the benefits of a forward stock location are wide-ranging.

Sprint Logistics’ forward stock location service combines with warehousing and other logistics solutions to offer your business an effective end-to-end logistics service. We give you the power to easily manage and access critical stock, see stock levels in real time and maintain spare, replacement and emergency parts quickly and cost-effectively.

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