How an exhibition logistics service can help your events business steal the show

Why choosing the right event logistics partner is crucial to the success of your exhibition.
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From one-day or short events to long-running exhibitions, getting everything you need to a venue safely and on time requires an experienced event logistics service. Small, precious items, marketing materials and larger objects all require bespoke handling, as well as the right clearance if coming from abroad; there’s a lot to consider.

An exhibition logistics service ensures the delivery, movement and storage of your freight is done professionally. The right service ensures everything from venue permits to hiring forklifts and storage areas is taken care of, so you can focus on exhibiting and enjoying the event.

Before the event

Prior to the exhibition, event or show, a quality logistics service will guarantee everything arrives on time and in one piece. Different transportation documents are required for packages based on what’s being shipped and its purpose, for example if the items are being sold, displayed or returned.

During the event

Once your materials arrive on-site, an effective event logistics service will ensure stands and exhibit items are lifted and moved safely, using equipment or vehicles where appropriate. The provision of warehousing and boxes will ensure everything runs smoothly and minimises hassle at the busiest time.

After the event

When the event or exhibition is over, the right event logistics provider will help handle packing up. By arranging prompt collection from your booth or stand, clearing and leaving the venue is simple. Then returning shipments, or forwarding items on to another event or location (such as storage) is simple, as the exhibition logistics provider will handle customs formalities, as well as packing, collecting and delivering your freight.

Sprint Logistics exhibition freighting

An event logistics service that understands your needs and has experience in global freight and local regulations can advise you and take care of complex logistics arrangements. Sprint Logistics’ event, exhibitions and shows service take care of all your event logistics and exhibition freighting needs.

Our comprehensive service ensures set up, storage and packing away again run smoothly, while our live calendar system helps you simplify the entire logistics process and gives you control over your event marketing. Our logistics services for events and exhibitions are flexible, simple and cost-effective.

Contact us today to see how we can provide best-in-class event logistics and exhibition freighting services.

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