Direct mail on the rise during the Covid 19 era

Despite predictions that the digital era would spell the end of direct mail, the sheer volume of digital advertising internet users are exposed to has in fact led to well-crafted direct marketing being seen as more valuable and less throwaway than e-shots and online ads.
Mail hanging out of a door's post opening

Digital fatigue 

Although both internet and social media usage are at a record high, both for leisure users and the many thousands of people currently working from home, the behaviour of internet users is changing. Most notably, people scrolling social media and newsfeeds are increasingly ignoring digital advertising.  

Consolidating this trend, many brands have adapted their digital strategies in light of the pandemic to avoid sounding insensitive; amidst a global health crisis, consumers want to know what businesses are doing to help. 88% of UK consumers expected clear details from brands on how to access their products or services, while 61% found it comforting just to hear a company’s response to COVID-19. 

The direct solution 

Direct mail represents care and attention to your customers. Taking the time to create a bold visual design, personalised to your customer and printed on quality materials, feels much less throwaway than a digital ad and makes customers feel valued. Ensuring your database of contacts is cultivated to be relevant to your recipients will also ensure your audience receive quality marketing that they want to see.

As well as being a great way to counter the digital fatigue of consumers who feel overwhelmed with social media and email marketing, WHO research confirming that mail and packages could not transmit the virus further boosted the efficacy of direct mail. 

Direct mail best practice during COVID-19 

To reap the benefits of direct mail’s increasing popularity, it’s essential to be sensitive to the social and political climate; rather than pushing for sales, create a DM piece that is upbeat, understanding and focused above all on the safety of your customers and staff – no brand should appear to be capitalising on a crisis.

Planning your direct mail marketing campaign is also key to success, and timing is essential. When your direct mail is delivered can directly impact the open rate; for example, a catalogue arriving on a busy weekend or Bank Holiday is more likely to be ignored than a relevant brochure or coupon arriving in mid-week.

Sprint Logistics: Direct Mail

Sprint Logistics offers a wide range of direct marketing fulfilment services that work for your business with tailor-made solutions that give you total flexibility and control over your direct mail campaign. 

From print enclosing and direct mail to merchandising kits, magazine finishing, tests and posts kits and more, Sprint Logistics expertise will ensure your mailing arrives on time and in perfect condition so it’s as effective as possible. Whether it’s high volume or a smaller quantity, local or international, we’re the direct mail delivery experts.

To find out more about Sprint Logistics’ direct mail solutions, contact us today.

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