Insurance Logistics

About the client

Cambridge Mobile Telematics is the world’s leading telematics service provider to auto insurers, gig companies, fleets, and the public sector. Their mission is to make the world’s roads & drivers safer. To do this, they capture, organize, and analyze opt-in driving data from a variety of sources, including IoT devices, and transform it into personalized insights for driving risk, claims, and safety programs. CMT’s work with Sprint enables it to focus on growing sales and great customer service, rather than physical device storage and distribution.

How Sprint helped make their e-commerce flow

Over the past 5 years, Sprint has worked closely with CMT in packaging design, shipping compliance and then testing various delivery options to ensure the best and most cost-effective options to our customers, and to date helping us deliver hundreds of thousands of devices.

Customer Quote

What I like most about working with Sprint is that they’ve handled all of our end-user logistics whilst I’ve been able to focus on growing our programs within the UK. Sprint has been able to work round-the-clock to ensure smooth service as we’ve grown and scaled our business. Sprint has felt like an extension of our business, rather than a vendor for our business.