Sprint Logistics comes out with BOLT

Sprint Logistics comes out with BOLT

BOLT is a marketing logistics and distribution platform built by Sprint Logistics. Replacing its original module called AIMS, BOLT provides total control, visibility, and transparency to marketeers as well as up-to-second access to local field reps. The system which can be accessed via a simple smartphone or a laptop/tablet browser allows both field users and central product managers complete visibility to review, order, replenish, personalise, quarantine, alert and distribute marketing materials across the UK and internationally.

Imagine a web-shop like experience of all your sales and marketing materials in a single portal, allowing access from multiple devices and allowing a central marketeer to control and distribute and a local user to choose and select which items to call from a central hub. That’s what BOLT does and it goes further.

BOLT allows a central stock-owner to create and edit product kits; means a user orders one product, it can be immediately tagged with other products to ensure all the right items to go in a single mailing. The product can also be taken offline quickly with a simple click. That’s 21st-century marketing logistics.

Sales teams are often broken into different groupings – gold, silver, bronze or other sets. BOLT allows that too. A system that allows your organisation to designate local sales reps by grouping so that when the individual logs in, they see a tailored experience. That’s powerful marketing logistics and that’s part of BOLT.
BOLT sits inside our core operation. Imagine all your organisations professionals knowing that they have a team of pickers, packers, printers, experts at kitting at their fingertips and able to turn things around round-the-clock. That’s uber-fast and tailored marketing logistics.

Centralised control versus decentralised flexibility, BOLT really does allow marketing to have their cake and eat it.

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